Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who writes this stuff, anyway?

Hello there!Thanks for reading. 

I blog because the more I looked into sugar, wheat hybridization, food as a commodity, low fat diets, “healthy whole grains,” paleo nutrition, leaky gut, and related topics over the past year, the more I felt that I needed some sort of venue with which to make sense of it all. This blog serves as both a record of my personal healthy eating adventures as well as a place to post any syntheses I make of nutrition-related research. I plan to write about gluten cross-reactivity, the involvement of biased parties in the grain-heavy USDA dietary guidelines, and the addictive properties of sugar and wheat, among other topics, so stay tuned.

I hope this blog inspires others to take charge of their health through dietary changes, whether they have autoimmune, weight, craving, mood, or energy issues, or are generally healthy but want to feel even more amazing!

                                                                                                          To your good health, Emma