Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Afraid of eating fat?

Let's let Chris Kress, L. Ac answer this one. Click here to see his discussion of dietary fat and health. :)

There is also a documentary called "Fat Head," pictured above, that explores the history of America's fear of eating fat and the real sources of our health issues.

I had a hard time letting myself eat a lot of fat, at first. But, only a few months later and 9 pounds lighter, I feel better than I have in a long time.

It seems our society's fear of dietary fat is based on a slew of misconceptions and distorted studies. The more I learn about the connection between sugar (cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, white wheat flour, white rice, etc.) and insulin, the relationships between inflammation and heart issues and autoimmune conditions, and the profit food companies make off of grain products (think the middle aisles of most supermarkets), the more comfortable I feel eating oil galore.

Care to join me?

Autoimmune diet 2-week food log

"What do you eat?"

People often ask me this when they find out that I am not currently eating any grains, legumes, diary products, concentrated sweeteners, or nightshades. I kept a food journal for the first two weeks of my diet (I'm now on week six). I hope this satisfies curious minds. :) P.S. Where a meal is missing, it's because I forgot to jot it down.

My appetite has decreased (yay for loose clothes!) so I need to do a new journal too. Stay tuned. :)

Day 1
Breakfast: baby collards, 2 pieces of bacon
Dinner: bacon/chicken/avocado lettuce "sandwiches," strawberries
Snacks: coconut/date/almond rolls (sold at natural food stores)

Day 2
Breakfast: baby collards, 3 pieces of bacon
Lunch: sirloin steak (ate out at Casa de Luna)
Dinner: chicken/bacon/avocado salad with lime
Snacks: 2 sweet potatoes, 3 cocoa balls, coconut/date/almond roll, strawberries in chocolate/almond butter/coconut cream pudding
Drinks: kombucha, lavender mint herbal tea, Tazo Awake iced tea

Day 3
Breakfast: papaya, apple banana, 1 piece of bacon, 5 slices of honey turkey
Lunch: 1 hot dog, green beans, date/coconut/almond roll
Dinner: Garlic and pepper pork and veggies (ate out at New Chiang Mai)
Snacks: strawberries and blueberries in chocolate, soursop, date roll, tuna salad, strawberry papaya
Drinks: seltzer water and lime, water

Day 4
Breakfast: collards, 3 pieces of bacon
Lunch: 2 small burgers, lettuce, avocado, garlic
Dinner: ham and Chinese peas
Snacks: coconut milk/apple banana/blueberry pudding with macadamias, macadamias, mango, soursop
Drinks: Perrier water, water

Day 5
Breakfast: bacon, mango/banana/papaya/water smoothie
Lunch: lettuce/micro greens/turkey/bacon/chicken/avocado salad
Dinner: laulau
Snacks: apple, mac nuts, sweet potato
Drinks: water, club soda

Day 6
Breakfast: bacon, ham, coconut milk/mango/banana/pineapple smoothie
Lunch: roast beef and avocado salad
Dinner: beef/veggies/coconut aminos stir fry
Snacks: figs, almonds, green beans, dark chocolate and coconut oil, banana
Drinks: iced tea, lemon water, water

Day 7
Breakfast: turkey, bacon, green beans
Lunch: 2 small burgers, chard
Dinner: butter lettuce, avocado, organic uncured hot dog
Snacks: 2 cocoa balls, 2 bananas, coconut/mango/pineapple/banana smoothie, papaya with lemon, mac
Drinks: Ayala's ginger lemongrass herbal water

Day 8
Breakfast: Bacon, collards, coconut milk/pineapple/banana smoothie
Lunch/Dinner: Beef/pork sausaga, taro fried in coconut oil
Snacks: chocolate and coconut oil, blueberries, baby carrots, 1 cocoa ball, banana
Drinks: lemon water, water

Day 9
Breakfast: Beef/pork sausage, fried taro
Lunch/Dinner: Lettuce, beef/pork sausage
Snacks: apple, 2 cocoa balls, macadamia nuts, chocolate, figs, almonds, coconut milk/water/banana/pineapple smoothie, 1 apple with cinnamon and nutmeg, sweet potato, mango

Day 10
Breakfast: coconut milk smoothie
Lunch: Chicken thigh, Chinese peas
Dinner: honey turkey, carrots
Snacks: cocoa balls, cucumbers, carrots, strawberries

Day 11
Breakfast: Coconut milk/blueberries/banana/;pineapple smoothie
Lunch: Lettuce/turkey/dijon wraps
Dinner: Kalua pork and cabbage, salad
Snacks: 3 pieces of bacon, strawberries, taro, 2 date balls, microwaved apples, papaya

Day 12
Breakfast: collards, 1 organic hot dog
Lunch: 1 head butter lettuce, 1/2 of an avocado, honey turkey
Dinner: Coconut milk/banana/pineapple/peach smoothie
Snacks: 1 cocoa ball, 2 pieces of dark chocolate, blueberries, figs, almonds, sweet potato

Day 13
Breakfast: collards, ham, turkey
Lunch: Turkey, carrot cucumber, greens salad
Dinner: beef/broth/bacon/carrot/onion stew
Snacks: baby carrots, taro chips, raspberry chocolate, strawberries, coconut milk/strawberries/banana/pineapple smoothie
Drinks: Green chia kombucha

Day 14
Breakfast: ham, collards
Lunch: 1 head lettuce, smoked turkey, 2 pieces of bacon, avocado
Dinner: 1 chicken thigh, snap peas
Snacks: 1 strawberry papaya, coconut milk and chocolate pudding, strawberries, sweet potato, fig, almonds, portuguese sausage, mango
Drinks: water