Thursday, June 28, 2012

Autoimmune/Paleo/Taste buds-Friendly Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

Chewy and gooey morsels of glory!
A.K.A. Grain-free, gluten-free, mostly dairy-free, low carb, high protein, high antioxidant, fights-for-your-happiness Super Cookie!

A couple of days ago, I had the great good luck to stumble upon a site called The Food Lovers Kitchen. It is a site featuring paleo recipes from a couple on the East Coast. I found them because I was, as was bound to happen soon after I started eating eggs again, scouring the internet for a good recipe for chocolate chip cookies made with almond flour. The recipe I found ( and I are quite happy together. Everyone who has tried the batch I made (a panel of four very experienced eaters who don't follow the Paleo diet) has enjoyed these cookies very much. That is, unless they lied to me. No one eats a free cookie and then says it's bad, right? Have some manners!

I want to give the recipe authors their proper due (how could I really, they deserve gold medals!) so I won't paste the recipe here. I did use refined coconut oil instead of unrefined because I find unrefined to have an overwhelming coconut flavor. If you like coconut chocolate chip cookies, by all means, use unrefined coconut oil. I also only eat %70 dark chocolate, per Chris Kresser's recommendations. So, instead of semisweet chocolate chips, I broke %70 dark chocolate bars into chunks. Yes, my hands were sore by the end of all of that breaking. But I digress...really, what are you still doing reading this? Leave me talking to myself (as usual) and go make yourself some delicious Super Cookies!

Happy eating!


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