Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7: I cook lamb for the first time

 Day 7 

Leftover beef and steamed vegetables for breakfast, with some iced mint tea. 
 Frozen coconut oil roll with lunch! 
 Shrimp with grass-fed beef fat, chives, and cilantro and steamed  veggies for lunch. 
 Preparing to cook this grass-fed lamb I found at a local grocery store. Turns out it's from Australia! 
 First time using tarragon, too. Couldn't taste it much in the dish. 
 I got this glorious head of lettuce from a cool guy at the farmer's market who uses baked soil, hydroponic chemicals, a sealed greenhouse, and occasional detergent as bug control to make a truly great and rat lung worm-safe head of lettuce. Thanks! 
 Had a cup of the bone broth I made with dinner. I was worried I would find it unappetizing, but it was fine - it tasted like chicken soup! I will be adding it to my daily repertoire. 
I had some coconut milk for dessert, too. Yum! 

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