Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6: Making bone broth, eating more vegetables and meat

Today I decided to take the leap and try to make bone broth. The last time I tried, many months ago, I didn't have a crock pot and the mixture ended up charred and stuck to the bottom of my pot, due to a faulty recipe. This time, armed with a crock pot and animal parts that many would see as not fit for human consumption, I had some success. 

I started with two grass-fed beef soup bones. 
 Then I added some steroid-free chicken backs, necks, gizzards, and hearts. I hope the fact that I couldn't find any organic grass-fed free range chicken parts doesn't mean that I actually brewed a hazardous broth.....From now on, I'm just going to freeze the bones whenever I eat chicken to use for bone broth later.

 I put this blend of animal parts (I am a former vegetarian and vegan, so dealing with meat is still surprising to me at times!) in the crock pot, poured in the vegetable broth I made a few days ago, two bay leaves, and enough water to cover it all.
My crock pot doesn't have fancy settings so I just put the lid on and set it to low. I ended up letting it cook for 21 hours, not sure about the ideal timing....

I had some frustrating fun trying to pour the cooled broth through my splatter shield thingy into my jars, need to invest in wire mesh rounded strainer.
Then I sifted through the solids, hunting for the beef I knew had been around those soup bones....
Look! No more marrow in there! 

I'll be making bone broth again and again. I'll keep you updated on further adventures!

Day 6 Foods 

  • leftover grass-fed beef
  • leftover steamed greens
  • 100% ginger herbal tea

  • leftover organic unrefined coconut oil and organic unsweetened coconut flakes treats (cool way to get my two tablespoons/day of coconut oil, no?)

  • some of the bone broth and the grass-fed beef I found in it :) 

  •  leftover grass-fed beef and leftover steamed spinach 

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