Friday, June 29, 2012

Tender, delicious, almond flour pancakes!

Is it just me, or is food just as beautiful as the most gorgeous models out there?! I do seem to have a singular obsession with the look of certain beautiful foods. Tomatoes, for instance. One of my previous roommates used to laugh at me, because I would buy plump, firm, red tomatoes at the market even though I never liked the taste of tomatoes. I would admire them and let them expire in my vegetable drawer. Wasting food, I know. I don't do it anymore!

No, because I moved onto devouring grain-free, gluten-free, low carb, high-protein pancakes! And what a sight to behold. Almost makes me want to appreciate them visually instead of in a dance of joy with my taste buds. Almost. 

Find the recipe here:

You will need an electric hand mixer unless you have arms of steel. After one CrossFit workout, I found out I definitely do not! Not yet, that is.

I subbed maple syrup for the honey since I have not re-introduced honey yet. I used coconut milk instead of cream because I haven't re-introduced cream yet. I also didn't use any flax seed; I just didn't have any!

I like to serve these with coconut oil or butter and maples syrup. And bacon and strawberries and bananas. Maybe some eggs too. Grain-free feasting, here we come!

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