Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Diary: Day 3

Today started out pretty hopeful: I had leftover coconut chicken soup for breakfast and it wasn't terrible! You see,  I LOVE traditional breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, toast, cereal, bagels, hash browns, butter, jam, bacon, eggs....and I have always resisted the idea of having anything other than these foods for breakfast. Perhaps I can change....I did at least get to have some cinnamon coconut milk with it to make it semi-breakfasty. It left me satiated, which, I am finding, may be the true use for food. Funny, I've always thought it was to please my taste buds. :) 
I got to go to the Hilo Farmers' Market and got a basket of Kamuela strawberries! I love these little buggers; they are so sweet! 

 We also sipped a smoothie from Surf Break Cafe - their new location on Haili Street is spacious! I had them make me a custom smoothie - just berries and apple juice. Dr. Kharrazian doesn't mention juices in his foods to eat/foods to avoid lists, so I decided that, since apples are allowed, apple juice is okay occasionally.
 And, at Kilauea Market I found a cornucopia of yam noodles! It turns out they are super high in fiber and low calorie. Fairly tasteless, as far as I can tell.
 I couldn't resist sharing the bounty I got from the organic stand at the market - three bags of kale for $5, and everything in the bottom picture for $22.50! It's a steal compared to what I would have paid for organic produce anywhere else in town.

 With some of this produce, wild caught scallops, and and yam noodles, I made a stir fry...of which I unfortunately only had a few bites because it turned out extremely fishy. :(
BUT all was not lost because I dug some old taro cakes out of the freezer, seasoned them with coconut oil and salt, zapped them in the microwave, and had a yummy, filling snack. With cherries, too. 

I had a burger patty for dinner and may have to go back for some more taro cakes before I turn in. Happy eating, everyone!


  1. The food looks delicious! Glad that you are enjoying the taro cakes. I should make some more next time I harvest.

  2. Looks like some good food Emma, if you feel like gardening you should come on down here ;) can pull weeds and plant vegetables :) Weve been getting roma tomatoes regularly, seem to be tapering off lately though.